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  • How to Decide On Baby Naming Ideas Based on Horoscope
    Choosing a child name as per birth chart is perhaps the most significant activity carried out right after the child is born in a household. In India, it happens more often than not that parents of a new-born baby seek the help of Vedic Astrology and an experienced astrologer to help them pick up an auspicious name for their baby. The belief behind this common practice is that each zodiac sign...
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  • What Do Nakshatras Say About Child Astrology
    Vedic Astrology speaks of the entire zodiac being divided into 27 Nakshatras or stars. Apart from the Vedas and Puranas, the main source of information on Astrology is the Jatak Brihat written by Varahamihira. This book talks extensively about “Janam Nakshatra” or birth star, which indicates the Nakshatra housing the moon at the time of birth of a baby. That is the basis of the baby...
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  • Get Daily Love and Health Horoscope Based on Moon Sign
    Whether you are looking for love or health in your life, your Moon sign will guide you towards your Daily Love and Health Horoscope. This Daily Horoscope is the means to relieve your stress regarding any love or health issues that you might be facing in your life. However, the scientific as well as mathematical approach of Vedic Astrology towards the love and health horoscope...
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  • Why Do We Need To Consult Daily Panchang and Nakshatra?
    Today Panchangam or Panchang or Hindu Almanac is a sort of astrological diary, which gives out highly useful information about the movement and placement of celestial bodies like planets and stars. People who believe in Vedic Astrology, consult Today’s Panchang for all important occasions such as marriage, education, travel, business, interview, examination, etc. The Panchang literally...
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  • Knowing the deeds of the past life and correcting them
    One often fails to understand why all the challenging situations have come up at once, despite the individual being on the right track. If you believe in astrology, then the easiest thing to do is to put the entire blame on the horoscope. It has nothing to do with the horoscope but the past life deeds forwarded in the present life. A Past Life Reading and Analysis holds a lot of...
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  • How To Do Right Business Selection According To Horoscope?
    Selecting the right business according to the horoscope is an art not many are aware of. There could be no other reason for someone failing in a business into which they have poured their sweat and blood. We may choose to overlook this sensitive part about astrology and horoscope reading, but the fact remains that Astrology warns in advance about which way to go or not to go. Same holds true...
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  • How To Find Your Business According To Astrology
    Business Astrology is your key to answers about any question that you may have about your business yoga as per the birth-chart. In the present world, young men and women are more interested in doing their own thing than to dance to someone else’s tune. This translates into self-employment or business. Although a job, whether in the government or private sector, means security of...
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  • सरकरी नौकरी/Government Job Prediction
    सरकारी नौकरी ना जाने कितने ही नौ जवानों का सपना है। लोग सरकारी नौकरी के लिए खुली आंखों से सपना देखते हैं और उसके लिए दिन रात एक कर देते हैं। नमस्कार मेरा नाम सत्यम है और मैं मुखर्जी नगर में रहता हूं। मेरा घर फरीदाबाद में है लेकिन सरकारी नौकरी/Government Job Astrology की तैयारी करने के लिए मैं मुखर्जी नगर में रहता हूं। जब मैं ग्यारहवीं और बारहवीं में था तभी से मन बना लिया था कि सरकारी...
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  • Rahu Ketu Transit - पापी ग्रह राहु 2023 तक 3 राशियों पर रहेगा मेहरबान
    Rahu-Ketu: राहु-केतु का नाम सुनते ही लोग भयभीत हो जाते हैं। क्योंकि अधिकतर लोग इन्हें बुरे फल देने वाला ही ग्रह मानते हैं। लेकिन ज्योतिष शास्त्र की मानें तो ऐसा बिल्कुल भी नहीं है कि राहु-केतु हमेशा बुरे परिणाम ही दें। ये अच्छे परिणाम भी देते हैं। लेकिन ये आपकी कुंडली में राहु-केतु की स्थिति पर निर्भर करता है कि आपको ये कैसे परिणाम देंगे। बता दें फिलहाल राहु मेष राशि में है वहीं केतु तुला...
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  • Shukra Mangal Yoga - कुंडली में शुक्र मंगल योग के क्या होते हैं प्रभाव
    मंगल-शुक्र युति ज्योतिष की एक बहुत ही विवादस्पद युति है। वो इसलिए कि ज्योतिष में शुक्र प्रेम व आकर्षण है तो मंगल शरीर व अंदरूनी ऊर्जा। जब इन दोनों ग्रहों की युति या मिलान होगा तो व्यक्ति में शरीर के प्रति आकर्षण या यूं कहिये कि कामुकता बढ़ेगी। आज के आधुनिक युग में जितनी चर्चा इस योग की जाती है उतनी शायद अन्य किसी के योग की की जाती होगी। वर्तमान समय में भक्ति के स्थान पर काम भावना और भोग का...
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