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  • K Tip Extensions
    K Tip Extensions Keratin tip extensions, commonly known as K tip extensions, are single extensions that are applied with a heating instrument. These extensions provide your hair the most natural appearance and feel. Keratin bonds are used to connect them to the hair in small areas. They mix very beautifully with your natural hair and are undetectable. K tips are perfect for fine to...
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  • Hand Tied Extensions
    Hand Tied Extensions Hand tied extensions relate to the method of applying the extension, which involves beading the natural hair and afterwards hand-tying the extension weft to it. They don't require any tape, glue, or heat to make. Similar to the beaded weft method, hand tied extensions are made by attaching beads to a row of a customer's natural hair. Wefts are attached to your natural hair...
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  • I Tip Extensions
    I Tip Extensions I tip extensions are a form of hair extension that uses flattened micro beads or metal cylinders to attach to natural hair. I tip hair extensions, also known as microbeads, are a form of hair extension that attaches to parts of your hair using microbeads, which are little silicone beads. Small groupings of hair strands are linked to the microbeads. These hairy beads are...
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  • Flat Tip Extensions
    Flat Tip Extensions The flat tip extensions is a cross between tape-in and I-link extensions, allowing for 360-degree movement while remaining flat. Flat tip Extensions are applied strand by strand to provide clients the freedom to wear any hairstyle they like flat tip extensions. Pre-bonded styling products, also known as flat tip weaves, are a cross among I-tip and super glue hair extensions....
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  • Clip in hair extensions
    Clip in hair extensions Clip in hair extensions, also referred as clip-in weaves, are a way of attaching wefts of hair to your natural hair using a series of small adjustable clips. A single set of clip in hair extensions has numerous various sized strands of hair, varying in length from one to four clips. Clip in hair extensions are incredibly easy to maintain and apply, thus this attachment...
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  • Blonde bundles
    Blonde bundles Hair Bundles refers to a single strand of hair or a "bundle of hair." The term "bundle" is used to describe virgin hair since the hair is bundled together after being taken from a donor and sewed onto a weft. As a result, we used to refer to it as a Hair Bundle or Hair Weave. Blonde bundles are a bundle of high-quality blonde extension wefts tied together (typically with a...
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