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Why are people so toxic to new players? Wouldn't max and also the high players want people? More people = more money, more upgrades (possibly if more started playing, paying, and demanding it) and more people in Runescape sport that will grow the market and keep Runescape lasting more. Rs is difficult to get into if you don't know someone playing it, or you're a beginner and first time walking into Runescape. When they're tagged as such we handle players. Dig up any ribbon folks here actually pile on the support the majority of the time and in which the OP acknowledges themselves new.

It's older, returning veteran players that ask questions we treat. Unless they're asking about the condition of Runescape(which implies they are not invested in Runescape again yet), typically we bad mouth about how they might possibly be asking whatever it is they're asking. The neighborhood is really wise. If somebody is uninvested in Runescape, everyone is support towards them. No one really cares, if they're already invested.

So, I tardy to the celebration and I apologize for that. I think having a query thread would be very beneficial in the long term. However, it's more a matter of managing what the topics are. Because we can only have two at a time which is a huge bummer. I responded to someone earlier agreeing that we could start making a single weekly post that links to news/update posts are added as the week goes on and they're published to Runescape's website. And that proposal and I handed on to the remainder of the group for discussion. What we're doing now is a matter of,"What do we believe needs to be seen the many?" Having it on updated as necessary and one post could help resolve that matter.

It has troubled me several times since I changed out of OSRS into RS3. I've always viewed the downvote button as like a relevancy indicator, and just really downvote stuff if it's wildly off topic. It seems like this sub just likes to downvote individuals for being new, I can't say I know it, but I do not actually give a shit anymore. Should my queries hold karma? They're just questions. Nothing inherently positive or negative about them. Do they? No, but occasionally they even back out to impartial after initially getting several downvotes (seems some folks understand that downvoted questions become suppressed and attempt to bring up them ). It shouldn't be like that.

It was a really weird transition as it was, switching to eoc. My friend convinced me to switch over I maxed and got bored of OSRS after. We're buds irl and he informed his clan about me considering switching, they have a 2.4k complete restriction but they understood who I was so when I turned over they rated me at the clan right off tut island and everyone was super composed and awesome, I came here and felt like I was being educated"fuck away noob." Glad I didn't, Runescape is superb. This sub wants work, but there are undoubtedly a ton of really great helpful people who have been in it for quite a while, they deserve some credit too.

If obtained downvoted, I'd like to add, it'd make some sense. I feel like the whole hostility to queries thing is just another symptom of efficiencyscape, except rather than criticizing people for coaching abilities inefficiently, it's criticizing people for seeking replies inefficiently. Just the most efficient method (reading wiki) is enabled, everything else is incorrect, even though asking other players will nonetheless supply an answer.

So apparently people should play a singleplayer game and never speak to anybody because everything is on the wiki and there is no justification for making talks. Of course public chat is dead relative to ten decades ago and folks talk more about politics than about Runescape, because politics is based on view and not on the wiki. I get it. The wiki did not exist for a lot of players. When I originally started (then quit, then proceeded to OSRS decades later) we didn't have a wiki. It is really only a case of"I learned Runescape the hard way, you can too" imo.
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