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In daily life, the car's motor is almost the most used component. In order to make the motor work better, we should also maintain the motor. Next, the Eaton Char-lynn Motor will tell you about the maintenance points of the motor. 1. Pay attention to preheating the car. Start the motor in the cold state, it is best to preheat the motor to make it reach the normal working temperature, so the running resistance and wear of the internal parts of the motor will be lower, the working stability is better, so before the car starts, the most It is good to warm up the motor. 2. Use the right fuel. Whether the fuel is suitable or not has a great influence on the working conditions of the motor. Unsuitable gasoline will produce a large amount of carbon deposits and accumulated glue, causing the motor to shake, accelerate the weakness, and easily extinguish the flame. 3. Deal with bad conditions immediately. During the driving process, the dashboard of the car should be observed frequently. In particular, the water temperature gauge and the oil lamp, most of which indicate the abnormality of the motor, should be maintained in time. 4. Do not use less than 1/3 of the fuel in the fuel tank. Always check it. If it is less than 1/3, add it in time, so that the gasoline pump in the fuel tank can dissipate heat well and prolong the service life of the gasoline pump. 5. Try to avoid excessive motor speed and keep the speed below the red scale of the tachometer. 6. Regularly maintain the motor and maintain the motor on the basis of mileage. https://www.xjetl.com
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