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  • The difference between air spray and airless spray
    High-pressure airless paint sprayer, also known as airless spraying, refers to a spraying method that uses a high-pressure plunger pump to directly pressurize the paint to form a high-pressure paint and spray the muzzle to form an atomized airflow on the surface of the object. Compared with air spraying, the paint surface is uniform and non-grainy. Because it is isolated from the air, the paint...
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  • Advantage analysis of airless paint sprayer
    High-pressure airless spray, also known as airless paint sprayer, refers to the use of a high-pressure plunger pump to directly pressurize the paint to form a high-pressure paint, spraying the muzzle to form an atomized air flow on the surface of the object (wall or wood) A spraying method. Airless paint sprayer advantages: (1) High coating efficiency: airless spraying efficiency can reach 3...
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  • Talking about the Current Situation of China's Hardware air tools Marketing
    Air tools has a bright future, mainly in three aspects: 1.Air tools has strong working ability and is more suitable for long-term work than ordinary electric tools. 2.Air tools has strong environmental adaptability. Air tools has strong water resistance, does not generate electric sparks, and can adapt to various bad or harsh environments. 3.Air tools has low maintenance cost. Air tools uses...
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  • Foam Pump Manufacturers Are Easy To Operate
    Compared with ordinary centrifugal pumps, Foam Pump Manufacturers has a compact structure and simple operation. It not only saves the trouble of pumping a large amount of water before starting, but also saves the inlet valve and low valve, reduces the water inlet resistance, and increases the pump's water output. However, it is 3% to 5% lower than the efficiency of a common centrifugal pump of...
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  • Visi Cooler surface is hot
    Visi Cooler determines the amount of heat exchanged per unit of time. Based on the power of the motor, the total loss of the motor is calculated according to the efficiency parameter and the allowable tolerance. Considering the total loss, including mechanical consumption, etc., which is not converted into heat energy, the motor has air cooling, motor surface heat dissipation and other factors...
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  • Plush Fabric For Home Textiles Is Flexible
    Plush Fabric For Home Textiles, also known as wool, is a generic term for fabrics made from all types of wool and cashmere. It is usually used to make regular, upscale clothing such as dresses, suits, and coats. Its advantages are anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, elegant and crisp, flexible and warm. Its main disadvantage is that washing is more difficult, and it is not...
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  • Plastic Pump flow
    Plastic Pump are primarily flow and head, in addition to shaft power, speed and required NPSH. The flow rate refers to the amount of liquid that is output through the pump outlet per unit time. Generally, the volume flow rate is used; the head is the energy increment of the liquid per unit weight from the pump inlet to the outlet. For the volumetric pump, the energy increase mainly increases...
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  • Sealed Cooling Of Air Tools
    Air tools stuffing letters are not strict, resulting in air leakage to reduce the gas volume. The reason is firstly that the stuffing box itself is not required to be manufactured; the second reason may be that the piston rod and the stuffing box center are not well aligned during installation, causing air leakage due to wear and strain; generally, lubricating oil is added to the stuffing box....
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  • China Spray Gun Is Exquisite And Durable
    In the spraying industry, many industries rely on China spray gun for surface coating of objects, such as furniture surfaces, automotive surfaces, aluminum materials, wine bottle surfaces, etc. If the spraying effect is good, the appearance will look exquisite and durable. It is also a protective layer on the surface of the object, protecting the interior from the influence of the external...
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  • Visi Cooler Pressure Loss
    Emphasizing the performance of the Visi Cooler, in addition to good heat dissipation, the pressure loss must also be considered, but the suppression of pressure loss and the improvement of cooling efficiency, the opposite is technically the same, such as a medium size cold If the design is completely based on heat dissipation, the inside of the Tube needs to be made thinner and increase the...
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