At present, there are two main types of automobile emergency jump starters on the market, one is a lead-acid battery and the other is a lithium polymer.


Lead-acid battery: Lead-acid batteries are relatively traditional for automobile emergency starting power supply. Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are used. The quality and volume are large, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current are also relatively large. This type of starting power supply is generally equipped with an air pump, and also has functions such as overcurrent, overload, overcharge, and reverse connection indication protection. It can charge various electronic products, and some even have inverter functions.


Lithium polymer battery: Lithium polymer car emergency start power supply is relatively newer than lead-acid battery. It is a product that has only appeared recently. It is light in weight and compact in size, and can be mastered by one hand. This type of product is generally not equipped with an air pump, has an overcharge shutdown function, and has a powerful lighting function, which can provide power for various electronic products. The lighting lamps of these products generally have the function of flashing flash or SOS remote LED rescue signal lamp, which is more practical.

For charging, please use the original special charger for charging. Before the first use, please charge the device for 12 hours. The lithium-ion polymer battery usually can be fully charged in 4 hours. It is not as long as the previous charging is better. Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries require different charging times depending on product capacity, but charging times are longer than lithium polymer batteries.



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