Because electric vehicles use the release of electrical energy to drive the entire vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to many details when driving these vehicles. For example, when driving, the start must be stable. When the vehicle is driving, it is better to choose some road conditions as much as possible. Place; In addition, when the vehicle is driving, it must move forward at a uniform speed. When some consumers use these vehicles, they often find that the power consumption of the vehicles is very fast. When the power consumption is too fast, the battery life will become weak.

Therefore, when driving these electric vehicles, if you want to effectively slow down the consumption of electricity and extend the mileage of the vehicle, Electric Bike Manufacturer reminds you to start with these details. If it is unavoidable to use these vehicles in places where the road is not smooth or the road conditions are not very good, you must pay attention to choose vehicles with more powerful carrying capacity, choose electric vehicles with more superior performance, and also extend the cruising range Important key. In addition, it must be in place when charging and discharging, and must not be excessively consumed.
First, start slowly and at a uniform speed.
Second, it is necessary to predict the braking distance before braking. Do not brake violently and suddenly, which not only consumes a lot of electricity, but also damages the brake hub brake.
Third, when not using the vehicle, it is best to power off the whole vehicle (emergency switch is turned off)
Fourth, regular maintenance and inspection of motor carbon brush wear.
Fifth, regularly detect tire wear and replace it in time.