There are a whole bunch of people who might be in and around equipment on a daily basis who could have a significant impact on its overall operating condition of can making machine.

Equipment operators are one such group. They typically receive in-depth training on appropriate operating procedures, basic troubleshooting, and best practices for safe equipment use relevant to the machines they’ll be working with. However, the day might come when an operator ends up working on a machine they haven’t been adequately trained for. Sometimes this situation arises as a result of short staffing or unexpected absences. Other times emergencies come up that require quick remediation with available staff who might not necessarily have the level of expertise that your most experienced operators have.

One solution to these problems is to ensure that you have enough trained operators to allow for some flexibility and a contingency plan for staff shortage emergencies. If possible, all of your operators should have some training on every piece of equipment—even assets they don’t typically work with.

Most importantly, never allow an operator to use equipment they are not qualified to run. Not only will this help to reduce operational errors, but in some industries, it’s imperative for regulatory compliance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets regulations for operator training requirements for certain types of equipment and for general occupational safety. It’s up to you, however, to know the regulations applicable to your industry and ensure that you have adequate compliance procedures in place.

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