It is an embarrassment. His defense was good but I'd be ashamed to win running a punter. It's even worse when the announcers need to behave like it's amazing that his run game is good. Only reason his D is indeed good, is bc he could put practically his whole salary cap into Mut 20 coins for sale his defense. He is arguably the greatest mind in Madden, ever. I don't think that is necessarily true. He's always quite good at building salary cap lineups. Today is a sad day indeed the belt winners this year are pure runners.

Was just going to post about it. Honestly I don't have any respect for joke when it comes to crime, '' he hasnt passed a SINGLE time. Dude literally place a linemen at wr although I understand its meta. I couldn't agree, he should be ashamed of himself for running a scheme. His defense was fantastic and I'll give him credit for this, but seeing a man run the identical play and creation all match for a championship is pitiful. No skill on his part for abusing the game. Nah seemingly he had been passing the final time (when Volteraxx won) and kept whining about how someone could win without death. Everyone came telling him to get at Madden nfl. I don't blame him.

No ability? Really? Complain all you want about Madden nfl, but stating that a dude that just beat all the best players from the world used no skill to do this is stupidity. If running were that overpowered, how come the other runners were removed sooner? He was the only runner left in the final four, that is for a reason. Such a biased and small sample size. He's the cheesiest of the cheesers, but definitely and in-arguably NOT the best Madden player on earth. And by small sample size you mean the guys that advanced to the final stages of the tournament in the world? He had been the best player this year and the best player in this tournament, although not saying he is the best on the planet.

I did give credit but seemingly almost all of my remarks skipped. And I said in Madden nfl he abused the meta and won that as a crutch. He's outstanding but Madden nfl showcased that he relied on pure meta because of his crime knowing EAs layout can allow him using the advantage. That's not impressive at all. Beyond that tho his operation was amazing and I commend him for that. On a championship being achieved by him from a meta crime, However, not impressed. If abusing the run meta is really simple then why did only 1 runner make it to the final four? We receive it you desired Dcroft to buy Madden 20 coins triumph. There is run defense in Madden nfl, and counters to everything. Finding ways that were late awakened to conquer exactly what Dcoft came out from defense. For not planning enough that is on Dcroft.