In order to effectively control the fire accidents caused by electric vehicles, especially the fatal fire accidents, Electric Bike Factory will introduce how to prevent fires caused by electric vehicles?

1. In daily use, pay attention to frequently check the electric components and contact connectors of electric vehicles to prevent local overheating and temperature rise; often check electrical circuits to avoid short circuit caused by damage to the insulation layer. Try to avoid driving on rainy days and waterlogged roads to prevent the motor from entering the water and short-circuit and catch fire when charging.

2. The vehicle must be charged outdoors, and there must be no combustibles around. Avoid parking and charging in the first floor hallway, walkway, stairwell or indoor of the building. It is best to remove the battery and charge it separately; avoid charging for too long. Charge according to the instructions.

3. When storing vehicles, try to choose a centralized storage place, and do not store electric vehicles in the first floor halls, walkways and stairwells of the building. Residential area property service enterprises and management units are responsible for the parking and charging management of electric vehicles in common areas. A fixed and centralized charging point for electric vehicles or charging facilities with safety protection devices can be set up for residents to use.

4. Choose a professional maintenance organization or personnel for maintenance. Do not dismantle the electrical protection device. Do not disassemble or modify the vehicle structure and electrical circuit without authorization to ensure that the electrical circuit and protection device are intact and effective.