1. Before putting hot food into Mini Car Freezer, cool the food first, because putting hot food into mini car freezer will increase the temperature in the freezer and increase the power consumption.

2. Reduce the number and time of opening the door of mini car freezer, and the sealed cold air will leak out during opening.

3. Don't let the mini car freezer open for too long. The longer it opens, the more electricity it needs to supplement the air conditioner.

4. Once the ice layer on the inner surface of the mini car freezer is formed, it should be defrosted as soon as possible, otherwise the frost layer will thicken, which will affect the refrigeration effect of the freezer.

5. The temperature setting of mini car freezer should be adjusted according to the actual temperature of refrigerated goods, and try to avoid setting the lowest temperature uniformly, which will lead to unnecessary power waste.

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