When we are working, do we choose a standing desk or a sitting desk?

In fact, the human body is very fragile. Whether it is standing for a long time or sitting for a long time, as long as it is still for a long time, it will bring some harm to health. Even if an ergonomic sitting posture is adopted, prolonged sitting may still bring about the following hazards, and unhealthy sitting posture will expand this hazard. For example, sitting for a long time in the office, keeping the wrist bent for a long time can cause elbows, Fatigue of the shoulder and neck can easily lead to damage to the elbow. At the same time, if the shoulders and chest are not stretched, the entire upper torso will maintain pressure. If the keyboard is not placed properly, it will also cause people to be in a state of muscle tension for a long time. If the feet are not lying on the ground or the Erlang legs are turned up, the pressure can be transmitted to our waist, causing long-term muscle strain. Long-term kyphosis and Ge You paralysis can cause spine deformation.

However, standing for a long time will also bring many problems. Many occupations that need to stand for a long time, such as nurses, supermarket cashiers, traffic policemen, and flight attendants, will cause sore feet, swollen legs, varicose veins, and muscle fatigue because of long-term standing. Standing for a long time will also increase the pressure on the perianal, which will cause hemorrhoids.

However, although the extra energy consumed by standing office is not much, there is a statistically significant difference from sitting office. Although the effect of weight loss cannot be achieved, this accumulation is considerable over time. Although standing alone does not solve the problems of backache and shoulder and neck discomfort in the office, due to the choice of standing for office, the body is no longer fixed in a certain position, and the frequency of walking around will increase accordingly.

Therefore, the most recommended type of desk is a sit stand desk, which can be used alternately while sitting and standing. This has great benefits for human health and work efficiency.