The only thing that you"want" a guild for is to perform raiding, and even then if you're a godlike raid leader you can get classic gold wow pugs in a discord server and voila, you're experiencing what a guild is. And today shadowlands, certain torghast is awesome, essentially a ninja like adventure in a game, but 90% of this so called community will only do it solo, because it's less struggle, as it is technically easier since you simply need to manage what you do. Meaning they've created a different single player experience among the core mechanics of their new xpac.

People talk about the way levelling in WOW Classic is the best thing, fuck off, it is actually the people around you, a few are dicks, a few you make friends with and a few you just play WOW Classic for to be about. Many people in retail are NPCs, even fucking worse than NPCs because with them at least you have to interact after, with the majority of those WOW players you don't need to.

Fuck me blizzard, you done fucked it up, might as well call your match just Warcraft since the World is a code phrase for single player open world RPG encounter (which is most of the times great, annoyingly enough). Yeah the neighborhood is becoming super toxic and it is all about immediate gratification. Even though there are some WOW players like me that remember the old days and remember that feeling of being a part of something. Take for example just today there was this lvl 20 guy that asked me to duel (I am lvl 120 btw) and I was in the midst of doing some questing mostly just for reputation. So I did what any high lvl toon must do and stripped down to having nothing equipped and /sleep after accepting it.

Then I finally after a few minutes I struck him and killed him with the automobile attack. After I re-equipped my gear I sat and talked with him for about 2 hours about WOW Classic and things you can do. I made him a complete collection of 30 slot totes. So dont get frustrated. We're out there. WOW Classic may be about the same although tbh except type of worse imo because I have noticed people have a tendency to kick you just as quickly but the thing is its alot harder to enter classes in WOW Classic.

If you haven't played since at least BC then I am sorry you don't know what you are referring to. Community is still well and really there, but it's not quite as prominent as it was when WOW Classic was smaller, had less realms and was more tight-knit. Most of the people playing WoW now aren't veterans. They're people who joined about halfway of cheapest wow gold to the saga. Many vets went straight back to WOW Classic since they know WOW Classic will encourage a far more community-orientated experience.