The reasons for the DTH Hammer sticking are as follows:

  1. Broken wing
  2. The new replacement head is larger than the original diameter;
  3. Machine displacement or deflection of the drilling tool in the hole during rock drilling;
  4. During rock drilling, stones are dropped from walls or openings or large cracks and karst caves are encountered;
  5. Dust in areas where mudstones are encountered is not easy to discharge;
  6. The operation is negligent. When the drilling is stopped for a long time, the rock powder is not blown clean, and the drilling tool is not lifted, so that the impactor is buried by the rock powder;

        Treatment method: As far as the strength of the drill head is concerned, the broken wing has been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a seamless pipe with a diameter similar to the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt, etc., which is connected to the drill pipe and enters the bottom of the hole Take out the broken wings at the bottom of the hole, and blow out the rock dust at the bottom of the hole before salvaging. In more serious cases, the drilling tool cannot be lifted, cannot be put down, and the impactor does not sound. At this time, only the external torque or auxiliary tool is used to help lift the drill tool, and then the drill tool needs to be supplied with gas while lifting the drill tool until failure So far. When re-rocking, first apply a little pressure, then a little pressure, and then gradually increase the propulsion force until the normal working pressure.