The Ravens user who is like the Chiefs user except he does not have Tyreek Hill but instead has a far faster QB. To give some credit to this one, I'd like the Ravens user. Quitting Mahomes and Hill is a nightmare. Bonus rant: I can not stand how simple it is this season. Anytime I press on my corner, then I get beat. I understand guys like Hill, Goodwin, D.Jackson and business are fast.but let us get real. They do not automatically beat every single corner that presses them each time(in real life). In Madden nfl 21 coins however, if they are pressed by you it's automatic that you are giving up a TD. I can not stand that since this does is forces you to play with your CB's 5 yards back which then results in opponent always with that 5 yard out route always wide open.

Press may get roasted, but it is dependent upon a range. Cover 4 (not palms unless you pay sticks likely ) is basically a bailout media. This won't get deep unless you have a terrible speed mismatch. Shading over shirt helps, although man could get beat deep. If you do not color overtop if they've got an outside path that is releasing it is essentially GGs. Cover 3 Buzz (pressed cover 3) is easy cash. Change your Corners that are external to Quarters, they'll play, although you can call this coverage. I'm not a player by any means, but this is.

For your own sanity, understand that while Madden is a football sim, it is awful at it. And is more of a football match with some sim theories. If you would like to do you have to be able to handle the meta. We are way deep into Madden nfl cycle at this time, the majority of the people playing are fans expect a lot of meta. Around 1-2 weeks following release and christmas are fun, since everybody's trying to figure what out. I was a long time sim player who got tired of getting beat. I can hold my own against most I think, but I am likely below average. I have not played since like November lol. Run meta is boring to me personally.

I ceased playing madden once I got into it with my buddy who would always cheese plays and audible and do custom routes each time in madden 15. He would do so and beat me again and again while I'd attempt to play with Madden nfl just like a proper football play caller, all the while talking shit about me being trash since I do not resort to this type of bullshit fast slants cheese.

I simply kept doing drags and played cheap Madden nfl 21 coins since the ravens, slants and interior crosses and spanked him like a red headed step child. He got so upset and could not take a taste of his own medicine he ended Madden nfl prematurely and took the disk out saying he is not gonna play with if I am gonna"be like this". Stopped hanging out for good with him after that, there were other reasons too but this is the breaking point for me.