When a disaster strikes, you may only have a few minutes to safely remove it from the building and help others along the way. Smoke and fire can greatly reduce your overall visibility, so getting enough lighting in an emergency is critical. Commercial lighting, coupled with active fire prevention and control measures, may mean the difference between everyone leaving your facility safely and suffering serious injury or even death. Adding LED emergency lights to your fire protection plan has the following benefits.

Bright beacon in the dark
Standard light bulbs that have been used in buildings for many years may be relatively bright, but they may also burn out quickly. This can put you in a catastrophic situation-in the event of a fire or other emergency, some or all of your key light bulbs cannot shine through smoke and debris. The brightness of the LED emergency light is incredible, and the special shadow and intensity of white light help reduce the visibility of the entire room. Installing individual LED lights in enclosed areas of buildings (such as stairwells) can ensure that your employees and guests are not trapped in an environment where the lights are completely extinguished and unfamiliar in the dark.

energy efficiency
LED emergency lights are extremely cost-effective and energy efficient and can provide years of worry-free service to your building. Traditional light bulbs may burn, and if they are defective or left for too long, they may even burn, but LED lights are hot bulbs, which can be easily controlled by an automated mechanism to improve energy efficiency. You may be surprised to find that not only are LED bulbs easy to maintain, but they are 30% more efficient than traditional bulbs! This will save you replacement costs, and the lamp will run more efficiently.

Worry-free maintenance
Since LED emergency lights are usually part of digital fire protection and prevention systems, you can easily monitor their performance from a central location. This reduces the need to regularly test the lamp individually to ensure that it can still be used when you need it. They still need to be tested annually, but need to be replaced after many years. This is especially convenient when you want to deal with emergency lighting. The emergency light is installed above the ground and it is difficult or dangerous to use a ladder every day. If your building has extreme conditions, such as a freezer or a space that needs warm and uncomfortable for a long time, LED is also an ideal choice. These very durable bulbs are not affected by the temperature fluctuations that traditional bulbs may be exposed to.

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