Just wanted to release an upgrade to this quick. Following a complete day of jumping through hoops to receive my login OSRS gold information to operate, I got into my accounts and yall were perfect! My permaban from 4 years ago was lifted! I was worried that I had been gone so long that my account had definitely been hacked and my cash and items gone, but NOPE! Its there!

This is what I thought too but nobody gets access to my PC if I'm AFK, and it's locked. Same with my mobile phone. Nobody in my home uses computers except for me. I really don't let anyone use my PC and I have special passwords for all my accounts. So I keep everything wrapped up tight which is the reason why I was confused as hell I am a web dev. I also was playing with myself solo. So no buddies could have completed it. I basically took a rest for a month or two while I was doing the last bit of finals for faculty. My accounts was banned for botting when I attempted to log in again.

Confused I contacted support and they gave me my account back. However 2FA was handicapped and upon logging into my account and items were drained and my personality was used for mining ore. I immediately checked both mails if they had been busted, I use to see. But I'd 2FA still turned on for all those and they were alright. No access from weird places either. Upon inquiring the OSRS sub I had been advised there was an older method by going via Jagex support people could use to hack on accounts. Nonetheless, it baffles me how that could have happened? Again unless they have a few of the worst security about.

Around that time I had learned some jagex workers were caught stealing from player accounts. But finally I don't know what happened. I have since moved on from RuneScape game because I didn't want the same point to replicate itself and I didn't desire to become emotionally invested for this cheap RS gold to all get flushed down the drain afterwards. I'm still interested though. I've gone over how I could have been busted many times but I can't develop any decisions. I'm fairly confused with it.

They got some people selling and hacking loot. Okay I believe you, only seems to conquer the propose. I lost my WoW account and needed to ship in multiple forms of ID to regain it. That's when 2fa turned on. Remove it form if they allow someone. I wouldn't blame you one bit if you didn't. Lots of people don't. I just wish I knew what actually happened because it is so bizarre. Like I could understand if I had downloaded something or a third party program from an unofficial source. Or like tried to get some thing or l33t hax stupid and gave away info lol.