Borea's domain is a vast and expansive area in East Luterra, the fourth continent of Lost Ark. If you're looking around there are numerous mokoko seed Lost Ark Gold. These items of collectible value are worth keeping an eye out for, as soon you'll be able to trade them over for a range of special rewards.

There's a total of 11 mokoko seeds within the Borea's Domain area. The majority of the seeds are relatively easily spotted and found when you go on your hunt. But be warned: Two of them are hidden behind a barrier you can only get past when you've mastered the Forest's minuet sheet music (more information below).

Mokoko Seed One - West Of Leyar Terrace Portal

When you portal in from Leyar Terrace, follow the direction north through the first large area. Take it out by the exit to the west and then head towards the exit point from that area to go north. At the left-hand side at the beginning of this northern pathway, you'll find the first seed in front of the cart's grass.

Mokoko Seed Two - Borea Fortress

Then, from the Borea Castle Triport take the road directly to the northeast. When you reach the end of the path you'll see an abandoned house with a couple of barrels in front of its entrance. The next step is to the right of the door, hidden by the cart.

Mokoko Seed Three - Forlorn Camp Triport

From The Forlorn Camp Triport proceed to the west end that is the campsite. Then walk between the tent and the broken cart Cheap Lost Ark Gold, all the way to the wooden boxes. The third mokoko lies on the ground in the bush in front of the boxes.