Lol, why would not it be? MC was rid by us daily 1 in greens. WOW Classic is a game that is boring and incredibly easy. The only"difficult" parts would be the enormous time washers needed classic gold to grind PVP rank and reputations. I only log in for raids because of the folks in the guild. Retail includes a ton of issues, but challenging interesting and difficulty raid mechanics aren't among them. I'm having lots of fun using it.

There is fun to be had, softly leveling fresh characters is fun, where as it is dreadfully boring on retail for extended period WOW players, since there's no"real content" below level cap on retail (which can be one of its biggest cons in my opinion), where as running dungeons and handling group quests on WOW Classic may be an adventure, they are only zerg AOE fests on retail.

Each of those specs has more buttons each spec than WOW Classic (Flurry, Frostbolt, Frozen Orb, Ice Lance vs Frostbolt). I really think if they could unite the leveling encounter of WOW Classic with all the ending game of Retail, we'd have a fantastic version of World of Warcraft. Obviously I did select most likely one of the worst courses for early WOW Classic endgame, together with Warlock, at least with the release of Zul'gurub I'll be able to craft the Bloodvine collection and collect enough Spell Attack% equipment to really hit stunt directors (the term"Fight" makes me angry, lol).

I am only. I've never managed to have into end game but I am hoping to get there this time. My main complaints about retail is a good deal of things I fell in love with in Vanilla & BC moved away. What I mean by that is the feeling of scale and adventure was lost, factions and the courses became homogenized that were super. The two factions are at war with one another although they had a lot of zones and cities over the years. It never made sense.

This last expansion did some fantastic things with both factions using their very own"home continent" using their pursuit hubs on the contrary factions set up as outposts that you need to claim in enemy land. But once you're done leveling in BfA, none of that matters. Warlords of Draenor had a good way with Ashran being the cities of a PVP battle separating them and the expansion of dividing the factions. It is a true shame that you don't get to buy wow gold to spend more time outside in the world doing things apart from World Quests (daily quests) and choosing Herbs at max degree in Retail WoW, because they do a really good job world building for this planet not to really matter in the end.