Each day that you participate in the Wedding Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll have the opportunity to earn as Animal Crossing Items much as 11 Heart Crystals for the primary seven days, after which up to 15 Heart Crystals for the closing days of the occasion.

This comes out to a total of 422 possible Heart Crystals earned every day, and also you’re going to want around 265 Heart Crystals if you plan to buy at least one of each of the Wedding Day items.

To earn max Heart Crystals each day, you’re going to want to discover ways to optimize your wedding ceremony redecorating. Now, in case you’re someone who enjoys gambling get dressed-up with Reese and Cyrus, then that’s top notch and you may enhance the whole wedding ceremony set however you need the usage of the subject matter that Reese alternatives out each day. But, in case you’re just trying to make the most of the event with out installing too much work, then you could take a couple of shortcuts to try this.

Basically, each day while you talk to Reese she will be able to choose out a subject and colour mix to be able to build a hard and fast out of. You’re going to then need to create a marriage venue – the reception or the ceremony – in the set which you have at your disposal. The easiest way to do this is toBuy Animal Crossing Items  definitely throw down a ton of the Wedding Decoration item at the walls and then chuck down one of each of the 11 special fixtures types.