The same as everything in RuneScape you can put on a movie or audio and buy RS gold use your muscle memory and RuneScape game audio to let you pay very little focus on the fight.Idk about that for vork or even zulrah man. Its not difficult to slip up and get 1/2 shot. I seem to die a lot less at vork than zulrah while snaklings can hit 15s even with all prayer but if zulrah is an ass he could hit 3-4 41's in a row. I've been stacked out in 1 tick in zulrah. If c engineer could perish on an hcim to it, you should listen lol.

I didn't mention Zulrah, Im talking only about vorkath:-RRB- I find him easy to just watch a food movie and listen. Woox walk can be done and is being combo'ed by range strikes, because everything is noise cues. Just my perspective on it. Vork can nevertheless 1 shot you, and your words were "just like everything in RuneScape..." so it wasnt from place to bring up zulrah like I was using it as an illustration to further my point that not everything in RuneScape is semi afk. Not to the ordinary player.

I said that I use queues to prevent being combo'ed or just one shooter. I believe my words were taken by you too literally. Whenever someone says"like everything" they generally dont mean completely everything which has ever existed. People say they afk things in runescape, doesnt mean that they literally walk away from your keyboard. Seems like you are trying to begin an argument for the sake of arguing, unfortunately I'm not interested. All the very best but im not going to read any more replies. Work in your people skills my man.

I am definitely getting used to him. Hardest part for me was not panicking about the acid stage. Yeah, I have had a lot of time and! Yep the acid phase was the toughest part for me also when I began but over time it is going to be very chill for you. Do not be reluctant to step over a acid spots to prevent moving! I've understood that it is well worth taking a couple of acid damage and recovery Vorkath for the advantage of a line to roam, helped me tremendously.

Absolutely. If you are able to see the chance for a woox walk but you have to take 2 strikes that are acid to get there, take the strikes. Never risk that a fireball though, not really worth stopping your motion to turn around because you will get struck a 35. Acid phase was the toughest for me to understand. I'm only 110kc but I am able to just set up my wook walk and watch YouTube because of his whole stage while I let my muscle memory perform the clicks. This week I heard vorkath. I planked like 15 times prior to my first kill. What helped me not die on those periods was indicating the seven tiles west to east right in the front of the entry, there is no acidity there so you can walk back and forth.About five decades back, I got hacked out of a twitch'double xp' stream. They took my belongings all by the time I received my account back. About a week I had been perm muted. There was no evidence provided to me from Jagex. It said'manual permanent mute'. At this point, my match play has been altered. It has become very difficult to discover a team for raids or some other bossing. People will come up to me to talk to me and I must communicate with them using emotes. Players ask so that I trade them a pile of coins. I tried to appeal and old school runescape gold it was denied. I hope that this is looked into by somebody.