We take to manufacturing the durable, energy saving, and environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment.Refrigeration field technical elites, professional management elites, and excellent service team worked together in this Ice Cream Showcase.Ambiance is good with systematically placed beverage counter, juice and ice cream counter and wash area.

  Welcome! Please check our products, you will find showcases for refrigerate your "ice cream" or gelato and many ice cream freezer.We can supply personalized ice cream showcase for your production all with temperature controller and also sale quality refrigeration system and freezer.Ice cream showcase is the best ice cream display freezer. It is very delicious.Using cold air streaming technology, cooling fast, cool air evenly, preservation effect is strong.

  Beverage coolers come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.This beverage cooler has its ventilation positioned at the bottom facing outward, which allows you to place it underneath a counter with no need for clearance around the sides.Some beverage cooler are rated for outdoor use, so you can serve refreshments while entertaining in your barbeque area, outdoor kitchen.

  A Beverage Cooler, also commonly known as a beverage center, is basically a beefy mini-fridge that’s designed solely for chilling drinks.Beverage coolers come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.And the number of coolers is growing as Americans drink more wine and more affordable wine and beverage-cooling products come onto the market.