Experienced tenants know very well how to use such a device, but beginners ask many questions about the operation of the intercom. This article will help owners deal with a new device for them. In it you can find answers to some of the most asked questions by users about the operation of this device.

What is an intercom
First, you need to briefly introduce the essence of the matter and explain to those who do not know what kind of miracle device it is - an intercom.

Intercom systems are used on entrance doors and gates. They allow the owner of the dwelling to personally control the admission of persons to his house. Usually most often such devices can be found on the access doors. They are equipped with intercoms that work with many subscribers.

The intercom allows you to secure the apartment and the entrance from unwanted persons and bad companies, and this allows you to keep the flights of stairs clean and tidy. And products equipped with a video camera allow you to capture each visitor, which, in the event of a robbery in the house, will help identify the thief.

Principle of operation and constituent elements
This device consists of several main parts and mechanisms. The elements that carry out the main work of this system are:

external calling panel;
signal switch;
tubes of internal panels;
electromagnetic lock;
exit button.
Scheme of connecting the components of the device
All these parts of the system are interconnected and work in the same way. The external panel provides communication with subscribers and allows access to a door locked with an electromagnetic lock. In turn, the tubes of the internal panels of video intercoms help to monitor the course of events at the external panel through the built-in camera and carry out remote admission of persons.

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