The heater used in the inner core of the steamer for clothes portable vaporizes the normal temperature water to a high temperature, generally above 98 degrees, and the high-pressure water vapor releases the hot water vapor through the steam conduit and the nozzle, so how to use it specifically? let's take a look

   The first step is to plug in the power and turn the switch to the desired steam level

   About 30 seconds after the second step, steam will be ejected from the steam nozzle.

   The third step is to hang the clothes on the agricultural rack, and then hang the agricultural rack on the hook of the agricultural rack, hold the steam pipe, and pull down the clothes to be ironed with one hand.

   In the last step, stick the steam panel to the clothes and repeatedly sweep up and down, without staying in one place for too long, to achieve the effect of removing the wrinkles of the clothes.

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