Multifunction Flat Screen Printer aren’t solely about those tasks. Instead, think of them as the gateway to getting all your unstructured data managed. Shifting your focus away from just “feed and speed” thinking opens up the real potential of multifunction printers. Let’s take a look at what that true potential is for your organization.

Digitize Documents
How much time do you spend looking for a physical copy of an agreement or record for historical precedent? Multifunction printers offer the chance to turn those unsecured paper documents into a searchable system right at your fingertips.

Upgrading your single function equipment creates a hub for digitized information. These documents can be routed through your organization, eliminating the need for bulky paper records. Although you may never get rid of your paper copies, you could have a searchable library, customized to your specific workflow and readily available for your team.

Improve Security
Digitizing sensitive documents is a big step, but multifunction printers have security measures in place to ease your mind. They’re networked the way computers would be with built-in security features that patch holes and prevent hackers from accessing information.

They also allow you to set permissions for documents, keeping your most sensitive information behind a digital lock and key, and allow you to track activity to find out who is obeying protocols. Individual access codes define those permissions, and for your old school employees, you have the option of features like secure pull printing, which keeps sensitive documents from sitting in an output tray even for a second.

Upgrade Ease Of Use And Support
Many multifunction printers now come with user-friendly displays designed to work the way our smartphones and tablets do. Instead of black and white displays with minimal information, employees can visually search through options with a touch screen, eliminating or reducing time spent on training and customer support.

Multifunction printers also come with managed support now. A team of experts is available to handle security updates, questions for more sensitive or complicated office needs, and to perform audits designed to set up your multifunction printer more efficiently.

Multifunction printer vendors are committed to providing office and enterprise management through workflow optimization. This could include automatic shipment for toner and supplies, automatic meter readings, customer service support or a dedicated account manager, and regular servicing plus productivity audits.

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