The material of the elastic element is generally nylon, which has little ability to compensate the offset of the two axes.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!
The elastic parts are sheared when working.Its reliability is extremely poor. It is only suitable for low and medium-speed transmission shafts, not suitable for high reliability requirements, such as the transmission shaft of the lifting mechanism.should absolutely aovid.

If low-speed and load-bearing transmission shafts with strong impact,If with large radial and angular offsets ,If required low installation accuracy,those three condition should not use elastic pin coupling .
Structural Features

The elastic element is nylon, which has high strength and wear resistance,It is suitable for corrosive environments

The outer surface of the steel brake wheel is quenched.

Mark methods of Type and size, hole and keyway are in accordance with GBT3852-1997 , and the two half coupling shaft hole types can be combined random combination.

Working temperature -20- + 70 ℃.

5.The original model refers to the GB5015-85 series