There are 397 villagers who can join your community Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but your island can only accommodate 10 at a time. If you want to fill the island with winners, you may expel one or two villagers, one of whom may be Rodney. You can make your island closer to perfection in three ways. Of course, this is a goal that Animal Crossing Bells cannot achieve.

1. Use time travel to guide your favorite villagers.

Although the use of time travel is controversial, it is indispensable to manually adjust the date and time on the Nintendo Switch console to artificially move forward or backward in time in the game and kick out the villagers. You can drive people away by the following steps.

   Choose a villager you want to expel.
   Find the villager wandering on the island. If they are not present, find out when they will wander.
   Once they are found wandering, please talk to them. Also, please note the current time and date in the game. The villager is always outside at this time.
   Time travel 30 days in advance
   Search for a thought bubble among your villagers, which means moving out.
   If there is no thought bubble, continue to travel in single-day increments until it pops up.
   After the pop-up, please continue to travel in single-day increments until you reach the villager you want to expel.

2. How to let specific villagers leave organically

If you want to expel villagers organically in the traditional way, you need to be patient. It is not possible to guess who will receive the idea next, but you can manipulate the system according to your preferences. According to Ninji, an outstanding data miner from Animal Crossing Bells, the ability to start a villager follows some behind-the-scenes statistics:

   The friendship level of each villager can be increased by actively interacting with them or reduced by treating them badly. Villagers close to 0 are more likely to generate thought bubbles.
   You need at least six villagers living on the island to start expelling anyone 
   Every day, if you don’t interact with someone who weighs someone, they’ll have a little more chance of “moving out” of the thought bubble. The upper limit is 30 points.
   If you have a conversation with someone about staying or leaving, the count will be reset. Then there will be a five-day cooling period before it can start again. To avoid this situation, if the villagers you want to stay grow up and leave, please quit the game during the conversation.
   Some villagers were excluded from the expulsion. People who can’t kick include villagers who are moving, villagers who had birthdays last week, and villagers who were recently asked to stay or leave. There is also evidence that your nearest tenant cannot be evicted.

If you can give up all the conversations related to the relocation, it will definitely take a little more than 30 days to delete the villagers you choose.

3. Use amiibo or invite new friends

You can use amiibo to invite new villagers to your island. Before moving, potential campers will ask you to make an item. Continue to meet their item requirements until the villagers accept your proposal to move into the island.

In addition, if you do not have amiibo, you can use the internal island recruitment function. If a camper in the camp joins your island when it is full, a random resident will be evicted. You can try to reset the game to make sure they replace the undesired tenants, but the unpredictability of this method makes it a challenge.

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