How to solve the problem of oil leakage caused by unreasonable design of Vickers vane pump piping pattern? What are the solution methods in the solution process? When the Vickers vane pump piping layout design is not reasonable, the oil leakage directly affects the oil leakage at the pipe joint.

Statistics show that 30%-40% of oil leakage in Vickers vane pump system comes from unreasonable pipeline and poor installation of pipe joints. Therefore, in addition to recommending the use of integrated circuits, stacking valves, logic cartridge valves and plate components, etc., to reduce the number of pipelines and pipe joints, thereby reducing the location of leakage.

Observe the oil temperature changes, pay attention to check the high and low oil temperature changes, and find out the relationship between the oil temperature and the external ambient temperature, so that you can know whether the capacity of the cooler and the storage tank are compatible with the surrounding conditions and use conditions Trouble shooting is only traceable. For the indispensable takeover, the solution to the unreasonable design of the Vickers vane pump piping pattern is as follows:

1. Reduce the number of pipe joints as much as possible to reduce the oil leakage of Vickers vane pump.

2. While shortening the length of the Vickers vane pump pipeline as much as possible (which can reduce the pipeline pressure loss and vibration, etc.), it is necessary to take measures to avoid the pipeline from being stretched or cracked due to thermal elongation of the temperature rise, and pay attention to the joint The quality of the part.

3. As with the hose, a straight section is required near the joint.

4. The bending length should be appropriate and can not be oblique.

5. Prevent leakage caused by hydraulic shock of Vickers vane pump system. When hydraulic shock occurs, it will cause the joint nut to loosen and cause oil leakage.

6. At this time, on the one hand, the joint nut should be retightened, on the other hand, the cause of the hydraulic shock should be found and managed to prevent it. For example, vibration absorbers such as accumulators are installed, and buffer components such as buffer valves are used to absorb vibration.

7. Leakage caused by negative pressure of Vickers vane pump. For pipelines with an instantaneous flow rate greater than 10m/s, instantaneous negative pressure (vacuum) may occur. If the joint does not adopt a sealing structure to prevent negative pressure, the O-shaped seal in the Vickers vane pump will be sucked when negative pressure is generated. When the pressure comes up, there is no O-shaped seal ring and leakage occurs.

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