Group Ironman also gets a storage expansion option that is made available upon completion of certain tasks RuneScape Gold. The interface for group storage is now available. the latest version, with the ability to select an inventory of tasks that you can accomplish that allow you to expand the storage capacity of the group. They will be a group-wide task, so they'll track. Some of the examples given were to set up a Rune Platebody or to achieve various levels of points.

Changes to death piles in Ultimate Ironman were proposed back in December. The community has spoken. Reactions to the proposed changes were positive for the most part however some players expressed concern on memory capacity since when there are more than one item on one tile, the world will begin removing them to ensure stability. The team has confirmed within this release that item will appear to their own saves when deaths happen because player dies will be saved to the save of the player, not the world save.

Another thing you may notice is a direct link to RuneLite on the homepage. This is due to the alliance that Jagex has been able to enter together with RuneLite development team some months back, and also is an attempt to make access secured so that you know that you're on the official mod website.

Guide to the 2022 birthday celebration in Old School Runescape

The ninth anniversary of OSRS scheduled for February 22nd the developer Jagex has put together an event to commemorate OSRS's long-running popularity. In particular Buy RuneScape Gold, the company based the event on the desert town of Al-Kharid, the gateway to the deeper Kharidian desert.