Recently a World of Warcraft player named Rextroy is very famous. Because he shared many talented game strategies in the World of Warcraft game community, making World of Warcraft more interesting. For example, last week he killed a raid boss by using a specific game mechanic. Recently, Rextroy came up with a way to increase damage in PvP battles. This method allows him to kill high-level players with a single blow while the character is naked. I know this sounds unbelievable, but as long as you continue reading this article, you can understand why Rextroy can do this. If you draw enough inspiration from his method, in the future, you may be able to discover your own World of Warcraft game skills.

What's impressive is how Rextroy is ready to govern a number of World of Warcraft's PvP balancing Cheap WOW Classic Gold systems to try to the impossible. Typically, players are only ever nearly as good because the armor they wear, which provides big boosts to your character stats like strength, agility or intellect. But Rextroy doesn't need armor to give enormous damage that reliably kills other players in one hit.

That's because, within the Battle for Azeroth expansion, Blizzard implemented a scaling system in order that players wouldn't be obliterated by those sporting the simplest gear within the game. On the surface, the system makes lots of sense (and mostly works as intended): Players with worse gear are given a touch help in order that they still have a fighting chance if they run into unfriendly players while exploring the open world.

But Rextroy discovered the system could even be exploited in some pretty hilarious ways. After stripping off all his gear, the PvP balancing would increase his damage by up to 226 percent. This big boost is offset by the very fact that a character's spells and attacks depend on stats to calculate their damage. Without armor to extend your stats, even your stronger attacks would do negligible damage.

The trick, Rextroy discovered, is to instead use items, like grenades, because they are doing static amounts of harm no matter character stats and still have the benefit of the PvP balance buff. Pair that with some extra buffs that also increase your overall damage and an item that guarantees critical hits.

Don't worry, when you read this article, the error has been fixed by Blizzard. Players who use Mandid Firebomb in the naked state will no longer receive a high damage bonus, and the bomb will not be available in some areas. But even so, when you find a naked hostile player rushing towards you in the wild area, stay away from him as much as possible, because you can't be sure if he has found another way to kill the enemy with one blow.

Although the main reason for this problem is that Blizzard has designed a flawed enhancement mechanism to promote PvP balance, but for most players, this is acceptable. If you have the most basic understanding of World of Warcraft, you will know that this is an MMORPG that has been running smoothly for 15 years. The game is so old and huge that every time designer add new features and new systems to the game they need to consider the impact they may have on the inherent content of the game. However, some details are always missed. These details give Rextroy and similar players a certain advantage in a short time. In general, only people who are patient enough or even bored can discover these mechanisms that Blizzard ignores. You don’t have to worry about these things happening frequently. Importantly, enough WOW Classic Gold can solve the dilemma you currently encounter in the game. As long as you use Cheap WOW Classic Gold to buy better equipment in the auction house, you will have an advantage in the battle. MMOWTS is currently providing players with an inventory of WOW Classic Gold.