Smart locks, Why? Well in this article we are going to answer this and every question related to smart locks that are restricting you to install one in your home. Old or traditional lock system was good when security threats to our home were old. A new world needs new security and especially your home. Smart locks make your home the safest place for you and also save your home from something bad happening.To get more news about bluetooth front door lock, you can visit official website.

Smart locks are the need in today’s time. When everyone at your home is working or going out to do something and when the timing of coming back home does not match, then how many duplicate keys are you gonna make and to how many people are you gonna give access? Ever thought? It’s not the same time when your doormat and pot were the secret locations to hide the keys. Play smart and use smart locks that can be connected to your Wi-Fi making it easier for you to use and monitor your home. Now get rid of handling keys and go smart.
Smart locks are a new kind of lock that protects your house. These are the mechanical plus electrical locking device that works without keys and on authorised user’s authentication. These locks open by recognising your voice, body expressions and passcodes you put into the system. These locks enhance the security of your home and provide additional useful functions also. These locks work on voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google assistant and connect to your wifi. You can schedule who can enter your home and on suspicious entry, you will get an alarm. Not only this, you can give access to your family and friends for particular times you want to. You can get alerts when people come and go, and keep records of them.
August Smart Lock is a 4th gen smart lock with Wi-Fi. This smart lock is rich in technology as you can lock and unlock your home remotely. This device is designed to fit in your door. The device is made on intelligence that anyone can install it on their doors easily in just 10 minutes and the sharing of the keys are also easy. You can set access to family and friends on a permanent, scheduled, or temporary basis. Temporary access is useful in case you are receiving any guest that visits your house occasionally or rarely. The Wi-Fi support in this system makes it easy to work with the voice assistant on your lock. For extra safety, two-factor authentication is also available.
This smart lock is handy with your Smartphone and Apple watch. You can access the lock using the Yale access app on your smart device and unlock the door with its auto-unlock or unlock feature. It can work with a variety of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Apple HomeKit, Airbnb, Hey Google, and Philips Hue. This smart lock helps you go hand free with its auto-unlock feature. With the DoorSense feature your home will automatically get locked when you leave home or after a time set by you into the system.

This lock earned the batch of smallest smart locks as this can get fit inside your door. You can just unlock the door of your home, office, or any important place just by the touch of your finger, level home app, simple key or key card. The Level Home app will work on iOS and Android both. This device is easy to install on your door with the help of a screwdriver. Control your device with Siri, run automation, and HomeKit.

As its name suggests, this smart lock is good at recognising the fingerprints of the users and unlocking the door when it matches the records. This lock can store up to a total of 100 fingerprints and that is enough even for a joint family that has so many members and friends. This device does not require a third party hub and connects with your Wi-Fi through which you can access it. It also protects you against hi-tech break-in and lets you rekey your lock. Also, you can access and lock/unlock your door remotely with its app. It also sends you a notification whenever anyone comes and goes and you can check the history of your door activities too.

Wyze Lock is a wifi and Bluetooth enabled smart lock, and you can access it with the Wyze app on your smartphone. It is a human certified smart lock that can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and set up without any effort. You can strengthen your security with additional tools like Wyze cam and Wyze keypad. This device also makes you aware if your door is opened/closed or locked/unlocked.

Good for Airbnb short-term hosts (rental), self-housing residents, or any rental property management. This keyless door lock allows you to create a passcode remotely. There are a number of locks you can use like biometrics, fingerprints, keypad, digital smart lock, etc. no doubt it is also known as a 5-in-1 keyless entry smart door. The best feature of it is that whether you are right-handed or left-handed you can adjust it with the help of its reversible feature.