The last new expansion of World of Warcraft has caused heated discussion among players since its release. In this expansion called Battle for Azeroth, a new round of long-term war has begun between Horde and Alliance. Sylvanas is the initiator of this war. She not only brutally exterminated the enemy and also burned down one of the Alliance's main population centers. In this war, the player's choice always affects the future of Azeroth. They are constantly looking for more powerful Cheap WOW Classic Gold external forces, so that their own factions have a greater advantage. However, the war that should have continued suddenly ended as the old god N'Zoth escaped from the prison. In order to avoid the world being corrupted by the power from the old gods, the heroes of Horde and Alliance had to fight side by side again.

But fans have issues with Battle for Azeroth's story, specifically regarding changes to both the planet and their player characters. Some complaints, just like the finale of the Black Empire, are relatively straightforward. Others are way more complex, and that's because there's nobody Battle for Azeroth experience. Instead, player choice and new mechanics have created branching stories for Battles for Azeroth that adjust from player to player supported a surprising amount of things.

"A lot of the time, if players see something within the game, they take it with a pinch of salt that it's absolutely the truth," says lead narrative designer Steve Danuser in an interview with Polygon. "It might be a book they read on a shelf somewhere, it might be something a drunk guy in a very bar says to you at only once or another. Whereas within the planet, if you bumped into a drunk guy in a very bar and he says something to you, you're not visiting say ‘oh, absolutely, that has got to be the way that it is!'"

"It's not that we're trying to deceive the player, it's that we're trying to present them with, ‘hey, here's this living, breathing world filled with real people,'" says Danuser. "Like there are within the planet, and folks interpret things differently and convey things differently."

Battle for Azeroth has multiple minutes-length CGI cinematics, the primary use of player choice within the game, and therefore the first raid where players take the role of characters from the alternative faction. there's a large amount of labor, experimentation, and energy holding up the story for Battle for Azeroth. The more ambitious you get, the riskier that becomes, and player agency has been a contentious topic.

Danuser acknowledged this fact in the interview. He stated that players do not have full agency rights. In order to make the world more real and full of immersion, games often reflect the decisions made by some important characters in the game in the form of stories, and players need to perform corresponding actions based on the results. At these times, it is difficult for players to make truly free choices. But this is the only way to ensure the smooth running of the game and make the main story reasonable for most people. On the other hand, it will depend on the WOW Classic Gold you get in the game. When you have enough WOW Classic Gold, you can even influence the economic trends of World of Warcraft. MMOWTS is currently also providing services related to World of Warcraft Classic, where you can purchase secure WOW Classic Gold, and their professional team provides fast delivery.