Below, Electric Bike Factory will share the precautions when riding an electric bike:
1. Be focused, do not call or chat while doing other things while riding, so that you can react in the first place in an emergency

  1. To abide by the traffic rules, in the true sense, stop the red light and stop the green light, especially do n’t start when the red light is still counting down
  2. Be sure to control the speed of the car, especially when you do n’t have too many people on the road
  3. Drinking and cycling is not allowed, and it is also the culprit of traffic accidents.
  4. Don't fatigue driving, when you feel extremely tired after a busy day, it is recommended to take a break before starting, otherwise the reaction will become slow
  5. When riding a bicycle parked on the roadside, pay attention to keep a certain distance to avoid the bicycle being suddenly hit by the door.

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