On the basis of energy-saving design technology, the Solar DC Freezer adopts computer control, a double-cycle refrigeration system, accurate temperature control, and photovoltaic effect, so that sunlight is incident on silicon materials to generate current for direct power generation, thus refrigerating the freezer, realizing zero-emission and pollution of freezer products and zero power consumption of the power grid. At present, this product has reached the stage of market application that can be customized in batch and popularized on a large scale. The promotion and application of solar DC freezer will realize the rapid docking of international cutting-edge solar energy technology with the domestic home appliance market, accelerate the industrial upgrading of China's home appliance industry, and lead the trend in the wave of low-carbon economy in the world.

China is a big consumer of freezers. Every year, tens of millions of freezers enter the market. Freezers not only bring convenience to people's lives but also consume a large number of power resources in the country. According to reports, the number of freezers in our country has reached 200 million units at present. If all freezers in the country use solar energy as energy, the annual carbon dioxide emission can be reduced as high as 36.6 billion kg, which is equivalent to the annual emission of 3.3 million cars.

The development of freezers using clean energy is compatible with the building development trend of "solar energy and building integration" and can be widely promoted. For many remote areas in China that have not yet been integrated into the power supply network, solar DC freezer are also a better tool for storing food and medicine.

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