If you have ever flown the friendly skies, you know just how valuable loyalty programs can be to frequent flyers. Not only do they save you money, but they also provide other benefits that make your experience flying with one airline much more enjoyable than if you were flying with another carrier. The Singapore Airlines Ultimate Rewards program offers so many benefits that it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the best airline loyalty programs in the world today. If you’re not currently signed up, learn how to join today!

Sign Up for the KrisFlyer
If you're planning a trip with Singapore Airlines Flights, be sure to sign up for their KrisFlyer loyalty program. The airline offers more than one way for you to earn miles, meaning there are plenty of ways for you to qualify for rewards. For example, if you fly as a family, each family member will automatically be enrolled in KrisFlyer at no extra cost. The airline also has some fantastic partner airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Etihad Airways. This means that no matter where your flight takes you or where your next travel adventure begins, your miles can follow—meaning they'll never go unused!

Earn Miles on Every Trip
As a member of Singapore’s top-tier KrisFlyer program, you’ll earn miles not only on Singapore Airlines but also on dozens of other airlines including Malaysia Airlines, Scoot, Virgin Atlantic and many more. This means you can use your points on flights with partner airlines as well as redeem them for upgrades and airline gift cards. The only time you don’t earn miles? When you pay for your flight. That’s one of several perks that comes with being a member of Singapore Airline Tickets loyalty program.

Redeem Miles for Flights and Upgrades
Singapore Airlines Customers Service can redeem miles for flights and upgrades on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, and other Star Alliance member carriers. This includes award travel using KrisFlyer miles, upgrades using KrisFlyer miles, as well as award travel or upgrades on partner airlines. Redemption rates vary depending on how far in advance customers book their flights. In addition to reward flights, members can also use points for statement credits against flight purchases. Unlike some loyalty programs that require a minimum number of points for redemption (10,000 points with United's MileagePlus program), Singapore does not have an enforced minimum threshold for rewards redemptions; however, frequent flyers are encouraged to redeem their points strategically to receive greater value from their accrued mileage balance.

Add Multiple Frequent Flier Programs (FAP)
When you can’t choose one airline for a flight, you should consider adding flights from multiple airlines in your frequent flier program. You won’t be able to earn additional miles with your original airline, but instead of losing out on those miles entirely, you could gain some with a partner program like Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. For example, if you wanted to fly business class on Emirates from New York City to Dubai, but also wanted access to A380 first-class lounges at Dubai airport and priority Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass privileges when flying domestic with Emirates in Qatar Airways’ FAPs—your best bet would be booking via Bangkok and transferring your miles accordingly. The downside? Singapore Airlines only has 17 partners compared to Air France/KLM Flying Blue’s 453 partners, so it might not always be possible to book exactly where you want. However, Singapore Airlines has 13 Star Alliance partners including United Airlines and Air Canada that you can transfer points into (if needed). Additionally, Singapore also allows transfers from hotel loyalty programs as well as more than 70 online shopping sites including Macy's, Expedia, Apple iTunes Store and PayPal!

But why does Singapore have such limited transfer partners? Unlike other airline alliances that incentivize new routes or are simply looking for greater market share by offering competitive award prices across different regions around the world (e.g., Star Alliance), Singapore offers no monetary incentive to their transfer partners because they already have more than enough demand!

Keep Track of Miles with an Award Wallet App
AwardWallet is a free app that helps you organize and track your miles. And it’s free because AwardWallet doesn’t charge you a fee or put any ads on your account—in fact, they’ll even pay out every mile you earn back to your account! As long as you aren’t traveling with Singapore Airlines (which doesn’t pass its miles along), AwardWallet can help keep everything in order while making sure you always get exactly what you want when it comes time to redeem. Setting up an award wallet takes just a few minutes, so if there’s ever been a good time to jump into Singapore Airlines' Skywards program and start Singapore Airlines Booking amazing trips for next year, now would be it.

Get Insurance from Card Holder Benefits
If you're flying on Singapore Airlines, there's something else that can help cut down your cost: a travel insurance plan from Card Holder Benefits. If you've got a card and are already approved for travel insurance, it's easy to add on coverage through Card Holder Benefits. There are three plans available and they vary by price—all of them offer premium features such as trip cancellation protection and lost luggage reimbursement in addition to things like emergency medical coverage. The benefit is that these added protections don't change your existing policy and can be attached at any time, allowing you to focus on what really matters: getting on board with your favorite airline without worrying about being stuck with an expensive bill after your travels.

Enjoy Speedy Check-In Singapore Airlines, Lounge Access, and Priority Boarding
Singapore Airlines has a particularly speedy and efficient check-in process, with dedicated Singapore Airlines Check-in lanes at many major airports. When you enter your flight information, a barcode pops up on screen which you scan with your boarding pass when you arrive at the airport; once it’s scanned, you don’t have to wait in any long lines. You also have access to priority Singapore Airlines boarding pass, meaning if there are open seats on a full flight you can board early; even if there aren’t open seats, being part of Singapore Airline's loyalty program means that you can choose your seat (which isn't possible for many airlines). Priority Boarding comes with an automatic upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class if there are open seats available.

Check Out Gold Class Amenities
Let’s be honest, no one enjoys being crammed into economy class, especially when you can get so much more. Singapore Airlines has several tiers of loyalty classes: Silver, Gold and Platinum. For example, if you have silver status with Singapore Airlines, you may receive priority check-in and boarding privileges as well as complimentary access to a VIP Room at most major airports worldwide. If you have gold status, you'll receive all of those same benefits in addition to a 40% discount on any business class international flight (even if it's not Singapore Airlines) for up to 10 travelers per Singapore Airlines Reservation. The best part about Singapore's loyalty program? Anytime someone flies with Singapore and earns miles or takes advantage of their benefits—think upgrades or lounges—you earn points too!

Use Avios To Upgrade Economy Seats on British Airways
Avios, British Airways’ frequent flyer currency, can be hard to come by. But for a little extra effort you can use them for things like upgrading your seat on your flight or getting short-haul upgrades from another airline in case there aren’t any available economy seats left on British Airways flights. Upgrades and discounted business class fares are great ways to get more bang for your Avios (or how Singapore Airlines refers to their frequent flyer points: KrisFlyer miles). To find cheap economy and business class fares before booking a flight with another airline, check out tools like Google Flights and ExpertFlyer.

Save Money On Airfare With Partners
Singapore Airlines’ loyalty program provides members with a number of amazing benefits. The best benefit may be how easy it is to save money on airfare by taking advantage of partners. For example, if you already have miles saved up from a previous flight, you can exchange them for a discount on your next trip and not even have to pay cash for your ticket! In addition, members are able to earn miles through shopping, dining and even playing games online. With so many ways to collect miles quickly and easily, it’s no wonder Singapore has been named one of Fortune Magazine’s World's Most Admired Companies consecutively since 2013. Singapore Airlines consistently offers top-of-the-line service that turns every customer into a frequent flyer!

Transfer Points Into Hotel Loyalty Programs
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program has partnerships with some major hotel programs, so you can transfer your points into miles that are good for hotel stays. For example, if you have 60,000 points in your KrisFlyer account, you can convert them into 6,000 Starwood Hotel loyalty program miles. You’ll get to use those miles for a one-night stay at a property like New York City’s swanky Park Hyatt. The amazing thing about using transferable points as opposed to airline miles is that they never expire. Points earned on Starwood Hotels stays will remain in your account forever until you’re ready to redeem them—for Singapore Airlines Booking or hotel stays—whenever you want.