A pap smear screening is crucial for every woman, done in a doctor’s office. Though some women dread the procedure for the mild discomfort they may experience, it’s a quick process, and the benefits surpass that. 

A friendly environment and medical provider who can help ease the fear. First, the practitioner prepares you for what to expect and gives you tips to help you relax. For instance, emptying your bladder is ideal before the procedure. That’s what you experience in the North Hills PAP smear test. 

Pap Smear Test 

A Pap test is a screening process used to find precancerous or cancer cells in (the opening of a uterus) cervix.  

Pap Smear Procedure 

Since a pap smear is a quick procedure, it’s usually performed in a doctor’s office. So, you’ll need to put on comfortable cloth like a gown and lie on your back on an examination table. Once you’re relaxed, your doctor will ask you to spread your legs, supporting your feet in stirrups.

He will slowly insert a speculum into your vagina to easily access the cervix. And using a spatula or brush, he will scrape a sample of cells for testing. You may feel a slight irritation during the scraping, but it doesn’t last long. 

And the sample cells from the cervix go to the lab for testing. The patient leaves the office and waits for the test results.

Pap Test Results

Pap smear results may either be normal or abnormal. But what does that mean? After getting your North Hills PAP smear test results, the doctor will explain what normal and abnormal mean. 

Normal Pap smear

Normal also means negative, which means there was no detection of abnormal cells. You may not need another pap test until after three years.  

Abnormal Pap smear

Abnormal cell results suggest there are unusual cells in your cervix. It may not indicate that you have cancer, but a doctor may run another test to verify. Some abnormal cells could be precancerous, but the final analysis will determine that.

Levels of Abnormal Cells:

Milder abnormal cells-these are more common than severe abnormalities.

Severe abnormalities-They are rare, and a doctor may also recommend another procedure known as colposcopy. It helps to have a closer look at the cervical tissue. 

Pap Smear Cost

North Hills PAP smear test will cost about $20 to $50. But the price may go higher if you combine it with other preparatory medical procedures. On a national average, a Pap smear may cost around $39 and $125. But when combined with a pelvic exam, it might go for $331. 

In Conclusion

A pap smear test is critical for every woman, whether sexually active or not. The HPV virus, causing cervix cancer and is acquired sexually, is not the only one that can cause cancer. So, consider this test an essential medical procedure if you’re 21 years and above. North hills pap smear test is highly sought after in this facility because of its convenience.