What I do, which works for me however, is by no means a perfect way to buy nba 2k20 mt do it, is make my player at 78-81 overall. My perception is that a 2K dev once explained the overall'tiers' as something like: 68-73 is prospect/reserve, 74-77 is part player, 78-81/82 is rookie, 82/83-86 is star grade, 87-90 is superstar/all nba, 91+ is similar to hall of fame degree. Listing that from memory so I could be off a little, but it captures the vague idea. By producing a participant who's'newcomer' degree you can still hang/dominate while leaving room for improvement.

For badges simply try to keep yourself honest and never go nuts. As a foundation starter you'd probably just have a few badges from some of the categories, and none of them are HOF and few of these would golden if any at all. For progression I don't know what to tell youand games, I usually play with then ditch a few points into an area I'd like to improve and try to restrict the ovr increase to 2 or a point. Same idea with badges. Following this system I will start to have some pretty dope badges and typically will be in the mid/upper 80s all star break. I refuse to give my participant HOF badges.

I was a little over the top with it actually, but I spent a while searching through the features and tendencies for Trae Young and Steph Curry (for offence) and Dejounte Murray (for defence) and gave my guy similar strengths and weaknesses, but didn't set the strengths as high as these men. But I am hoping this can make him progress to be a elite shooter, passer and dribbler with high rated defence. My player started out at 78 and is up to 80 after around 40 games. I don't really know how the progression is going to work, but I'm planning on tweaking it every now and then anyway so I can fix it if it is going wonky.

I tweeted you, emailed you, and at the conclusion of the day the players understand more about your game and the way to resolve the problems than your company. It's hilarious of how disappointing a company you have devolved into. Your community manager we are mocked by Ronnie has a dreadful reputation with your game's players, and dosnt know degree gameplay of 2K. You sold us a half finished game and it took you 3 months to correct online play out my career (my team and play today actually didn't work online), game dividing glitches occurred in my career to get boundless XP/full badges/and VC glitch yet you did not reprehend hardly anyone who abused it.

Week two a glitch was discovered on how to get several 999 tokens for participant exchange and individuals literally obtained ending of match content players at token shop yet you did not roll them back or do anything to fix the unfairness that was online against them, you seriously had the player lock glitch in effect for a month and it had been this kind of brain dead easy to detect glitch and fixable but you didn't observe that ( I mean within two weeks of release I found it by accident using Ben Simmons and managed to play with him point that gave me a huge advantage online ). The myteam auction house has become the most unfriendly user interface system and dreadful to cheap mt nba 2k20 browse through (seriously just sneak maddens concept and we're going to be happy).