Extruded material is heated evenly and consistently as it travels through the rubber vulcanizing machine – no more cold spots.Our rubber vulcanizing machine for curing are equipped with advanced thermal process engineering features that help achieve high productivity.From start up to your operating temperature only takes a few minutes eliminating long start up times.

  These bridges comprise amongst one and eight atoms.Vulcanization curing is achieved by heating the natural rubber or rubber polymer at very high temperature along with sulfur or any other agent. The number of sulfur atoms in the crosslink strongly determines the physical properties of rubber extrusion production line.

  This rubber extrusion production line in changing the cross-linking bonds within the natural rubber and making bonds more strong and non-sticky. Ergonomically-designed controls regulate belt tracking, speed control, and tensioning during thermal expansion.Modules can be coupled together for greater productivity or for rubber extrusion production line.