Hey guys, Katie is teaching you a herbalism WOTLK Gold farming in Wintergrasp. As you can see I have my map open so you can see where I am. I'm in the western side of Wintergrasp one one thing you might need to know is that your faction needs to be in control of the fortress here. Your LLC can see the big lashes. Now these slashes dropped a lot of crystallized life which you can turn into eternal life.

Now, if you follow me for about an hour or something you will make approximately 400 Gold depending on how fast you do it, of course, I make us I make about 400 Gold an hour if so, should be no problem for most people. Now, I come here because I'm an herbalist. If you're not a herbalist, you're probably not going to come here. Now I think means well the best place to farm things like you have notes here with which contains pure first Lotus. So yeah, that's very very good. I think we can make a lot of money of those.

So all of these items now are high demand items which you can guarantee will sell fairly quickly taking the rune expel Fred, for example is going to cost you 163 gold to buy all the mats, you're going to get 27 Gold profit on every one that you make or nearly 28 Gold profit on every one you make. It's brilliant, like rested XP
have done it again, like it is brilliant. I know this video, you might be like, Oh, why are you just promoting something, I am promoting something and like I say, if you use my affiliate link in the description below, I do get a little bit of kickback as well. So you help support the channel and you get a really, really good product.

Ultimately, I make videos about gold farming, I make videos about professions. And this is just everything all in one, it has got a subscription, it's like $6 a month or something like that, pay it for one month, you know and see how much gold you physically earn in that month by using it. If you don't think it's worthwhile, cancel it. That's it, you know, if not, if you think it's worthwhile, and you're getting 1000s and 1000s of gold a month that you wouldn't ordinarily get just for $6 a month it might be worth keep going you know it might be worth keep going with it. But as I say it's literally just launched well I just got the message that it's gone live so I've published this video enjoy it go buy it now there's lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel was a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I'll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year.

Additionally, there's a surplus link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I'll see you on the next one.

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