Today we will talk about the main measures for the use and maintenance of servo vane pump.

1. Plunger pump has large flow rate, high pressure, high rotating speed and poor operating environment, especially large temperature difference. Hydraulic oil must be strictly selected according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Low-grade hydraulic oil must never be used. It is more prudent to select substitute hydraulic oil.

2. The cleanliness of hydraulic oil must meet the prescribed standards. Change the hydraulic oil regularly and try to avoid changing the oil in harsh environment. It is absolutely forbidden to clean the hydraulic system with diesel oil or other cleaning agents, so as not to dilute the hydraulic oil due to dirty oil discharge. The hydraulic filter element shall be replaced regularly, and the installation shall be reliable and the filtering effect shall be good.

3. Before entering the load work, the hydraulic system shall be preheated, and the load shall be adjusted from light to heavy, and the oil temperature shall rise to about 60℃ before normal work. When operating the throttle of the engine and controlling the operating handle of the hydraulic system, its actions should be consistent and gentle, and do not slam the throttle and load suddenly.

4. During use, the oil temperature and oil pollution shall be regularly observed, and the following abnormal conditions shall be promptly stopped for inspection and removal: ①servo vane pump is hot, and the oil temperature is close to or exceeds the specified temperature rise; (2) The amount of metal dust adsorbed on the outer wall of the hydraulic filter element or the bottom of the oil tank obviously increases; (3) The plunger pump has obvious vibration and hemp hand feeling and has the friction sound of "rattle" or "squeak".

5. The contact surface between the distribution plate and the cylinder body is easy to wear in use. If the amount of wear is not large, the glass plate can be polished directly with vernier sand and a little engine oil. When plane deflection is serious, it should be leveled on a surface grinder.

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