Be bad like me and OSRS gold play as a semi iron guy. As I can not justify purchasing those from the GE I'm farming my own cocunuts and jumps to safeguard my magic and mahogany trees. I had been making my boards to cut on of maxing my home at about half the price. I'm gradually leveling crafting by doing my daily battle staves and some that I get out of Wyvren drops and my air orbs'm charging from the drops that are uncharged. I disagree with this. Most games RS, have fun content of development at the later and finish phases.

I already played RS for 6 years as a kid; why do I wish to waste MORE hours in OSRS battling goblins, replaying content I had played heaps of times, instead of making meaningful progress to things I have not played before? I have an Ironman if I want to do that. Also, there's a lot of debate and fun to be had about optimal gameplay and development. Hell, look at Framed's recent movie on"how much will I get an account from scratch in 24 hours". Really intriguing video and notion IMO.That simply seems like you realized logging on to kill goblins for 2 hours from 1-30 was dumb and not fun. Congratulations on becoming a bit smarter and recognizing that time is precious even in games.

Didn't RS3 present something or stone spirits along these lines that was supposed to replace ore drops on tables that are npcs, as a catalyst for mining it was a flop? You have got to make skilling more interactive or entertaining to make more people do it. When you're skilling everything you can do Because it's now is see your personality cut on the tree and then click on the tree that is next. Also, I can't see how fishing could possibly rival pvm because if fishing becomes good, bots are going to be out there in swarms and fishing and because skilling is crappy cash will no longer be gp. Even in the fastest xp method which requires dropping of the tools anyways, half the time people do them with all the collecting skills. Barbarian fishing, power mining iron, teak trees or granite that is 3t.

Even pvm money makers, runecrafting, is frequently done. Make alternative methods or a few minigames to create skilling for interactive. By way of instance, you may have a miniature game that trains wood cuttingedge, crafting and construction(maybe some mining and smithing too)where you wind up on a deserted island (maybe off fossil island) and also have to scavenge supplies with each other to make a ship to get off the island. ) If you do not make the boat properly or rush the ship to try and get off the island faster, you can neglect etc..

Agility is really insane, not only is that the whole skill pretty much exactly the exact same (clicking on roof tops) you also do over 50 percent of the abilities xp, at just 1 class, the ardy one. It's truly the same with many abilities, you only do this for millions of xp which is skilling will get soo boring and repetitive and unlock the method that is very best on. Take smithing by way of example, you unlock gold in level 40 and keep doing it. Same with fishing is the method that is best at like 58 fishing and you stay at the place for countless xp. Need to introduce new methods of skilling to create the game of skilling different to coaching it at level 26, for the late night game. Killing early game supervisors like kbd or crazy archeologist is different than zulrah or Cerberus, but game skilling and rs gold 2007 game skilling is the same thing.