Every new expansion in World of Warcraft will bring a lot of new content to the game. In addition to the modified game system and new features, well-prepared players can also perform more intense challenges, that is, new raid with higher difficulty. Players need to form a large WOW Classic Gold For Sale team of 20 or even 40 people to try to defeat all of them. bosses. Raid in Mythic difficulty is the stage where professional raid guilds compete. Ordinary players lacking synergy can't pose any threat to the most difficult bosses.

Only the guild that successfully overthrew the final boss before other competitors can get the world's first title. This title can not only bring higher reputation and more fans to the members, but also bring more economy to the team income. In order to achieve this goal, professional raid guilds need to work beyond ordinary imagination. In addition to repeated practice and other details of preparation, the basis for killing the boss is good enough equipment. According to the well-known raid guild Complexity-Limit, they spent close to "257 million WoW Gold", and they were very satisfied with this result.

This statement stems from Kingfly, Preheat and Podra's recent introduction to the preparation process at the press conference. They are all major members of Complexity-Limit, serving as attackers and leaders. Podra said that this time the process of preparing for a successful raid is more complicated than ever, because the latest update of World of Warcraft adds a corruption mechanism that has a greater impact on the game's original equipment system.

Originally they only needed to choose the best two or three items in the armor of each part, but due to the emergence of the corruption mechanism, now these two or three items may produce more than 50 different variants. In a sense, they have a better choice, but on the other hand, they need to spend more time to find the perfect equipment for different members, while spending more WoW Gold. Although Complexity-Limit employs many people to find suitable equipment in the auction houses of different servers, but this part of the items still cost them nearly 257 million WoW Gold.

In the end, each team member got the best equipment they could find in the game, and the average equipment value of each person was about 5 million to 10 million WoW Gold. However, these items are non-tradeable ‘bind on equip’ items, which means that Complexity-Limit cannot exchange these items in the auction house for WoW Gold. In fact, in addition to borrowing money from other players, you have many other ways to obtain a large amount of WoW Classic Gold in the game. The method I recommend is to purchase directly from a trusted third-party game service website. MMOWTS will be your best choice, their professional team and 24-hour online WOW Classic Gold customer service will not let you down.

To raise this hefty sum, Podra explains the team “incurred a pretty large debt from Azshara’s Eternal Palace [the previous raid] and we paid a lot of it off, so we had about 30 million gold going into this raid. We wanted to have around 100 million and it turns out that was nowhere near enough.”