Why does the elevator need annual inspection every year? If the annual inspection is not carried out, it will be unqualified or even unusable. Then China Passenger Elevator Factory will introduce the following aspects of the elevator annual inspection.

1. Strictly conduct self-inspection according to the annual inspection standards, find out the problem and feed it back to the maintenance station for rectification.

2. If there is an incomplete understanding of certain requirements or it is easy to produce ambiguity, consult with multiple inspectors of the Special Inspection Institute. If the responses are not the same, consult with their technical department to avoid unqualified inspections. item.

3. For some congenital problems that can not meet the requirements of the new inspection regulations, you need to communicate with the brothers and report to the association in a timely manner. Please ask the association to contact the special inspection office for solutions.

4. Do a good job in communicating with the relevant personnel of the user unit.

5. Pay the inspection fee in time to ensure that the original arrangement can be carried out as scheduled.

6. Do some detailed work before the inspection. Such as assisting the inspection personnel to wear protective equipment, special personnel holding a certificate (copy) work, and laying a good maintenance fence on the first floor.

7. After getting the rectification order, timely feedback to the maintenance station for rectification, so as not to delay the time to obtain the certificate.

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