Servo vane pump gloally first created, High pressure and high performance dowel pin type vane pumps are widely used for plastic machinery, casting machinery. With dowel pin vane structure, it can work in high pressure, low noise and long lifetime.

Now let's introduce some points for attention about servo vane pump.

1. Considering from the aspect of servo pump, since its pressure will change, it is better to choose pressure-limiting variable pump, because its flow rate can change with the change of pressure, so as to meet the use requirements.

2. When hydraulic servo valves flow through various servo valves, there will inevitably be certain pressure and flow loss. Therefore, the hydraulic device should be reasonably selected and the pressure of the pressure servo valve should be adjusted to reduce power loss.

3. If there is a speed regulation requirement on the actuator, then for the speed regulation loop, it must not only meet the speed regulation requirement, but also reduce the power loss as much as possible.

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