We often say that PVC steel wire hoses have a three-layer structure. The inner and outer layers are PVC soft plastics, and the middle layer is a steel wire reinforced structure, either a steel wire mesh or a spiral steel wire. Therefore, the hose formed by it has several titles.

Now the performance of the hose is very good, when in use, they can show their advantages very well, so it can also bring great effect to the actual operation.

Yuyao Gaozhan Garden Tools can provide a variety of hose types, which are used in a wide range.

Take PVC steel wire reinforced hoses as an example, in practice there are many uses for them, which can be seen well when in use and bring good use value when in use. When they are produced, they are made of high-quality materials. If they are used with high quality, their cost performance will be even higher.

Take this kind of hose for example, it has very good corrosion resistance when in use, and with corrosion resistance, it can make its use time longer.

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