I moved the boring route and got a diploma in computer science! I simply implemented so I just sort of fell into old school runescape gold, and Jagex looked more fun than others. The principal challenge I face is that I have to always prove that I got the job based on my skills and not as a"diversity employ". Not everybody thinks that, but some folks prefer to make jokes and it sinks my confidence a little.

I began playing with Runescape 15 years ago after finding it amongst the likes of Stick RPG and Motherload on Miniclip. I began streaming OSRS and when I graduated I decided it's either'never or now' so took the plunge to go complete time. That was 4 decades back and I haven't looked back since - however it has it's fair share of barriers due to a lot of toxicity and echo chambers in the depths of the internet where some believe girls only game"to the wrong reasons". It has been a struggle but one worth the struggle.

I personally always loved to draw and play video games as a youngster and I knew I needed to do anything. I then found this university where I could research game artwork and realised that I make a career out of it and could combine two of my passions. The course I was very general and I'd concept art, environment art, char art... Both stylised and realistic. Only by trying out all the choices I found out that I actually loved making stylised environments. From the end of my research I had done 2 internships. I got work here in Cambridge which unfortunately shut down in the beginning of the summer. After that I ended up here in Jagex!

I received into content creation out of boredom. Just sort of idea I'd adhere to streaming here and there with friends, now it has turned into a career. I could not imagine doing anything else! I've made friends that were incredible, have learned so much more, and a great deal about myself. In terms of challenges/obstacles, I wouldn't say a lot, however there are a few. I get told frequently that I'm only effective because I am a lady, which usually comes from a guy who's less powerful than me. That to.

I studied something Computer Science associated to buy rs gold and during this figured out that I actually wanted to work in matches. Once I finished, I applied to all kinds of tasks: Game Design QA and testing and translation. Turns out, reading a lot of fantasy books as a child and with a deep running love for English and puns is actually quite a useful ability and that I got the job at Localisation for a Tester and Translator!