Main factors affecting desalination rate and normal operation of Ro System Component:

1. Ion valence: the desalination rate increases with the increase of ion valence, and the desalination rate of bivalent and trivalent salts is higher than that of monovalent salts;

2. Molecular size: Desalination rate increases with the increase of molecular diameter;

3. Raw water temperature: When the raw water temperature rises, the desalting rate increases due to the decrease of water viscosity;

4. Raw water concentration: When raw water concentration increases, desalination rate decreases;

5. Working pressure: When the working pressure increases, the desalinization rate increases but is not obvious;

6.PH value: Although the membrane is not easy to block under acidic conditions, the desalting rate should be decreased.

7. Dissolved gas: Soluble gas is easy to permeate in the free state without removing CO2, SO2, O2, Cl2, H2S, etc.

8. hydrogen bond trend: for compounds containing strong hydrogen bonds, the removal rate is very low, such as water, phenol, ammonia, etc.; (This is also why impurities and dissolved substances in water are removed to achieve the purpose of separating water from other substances;

9. Organic matter: Organic matter in water pollutes the membrane. The more organic matter, the worse the membrane performance.

10. hardness of water: the higher the hardness of water, the easier the membrane is blocked. for water with high hardness, softening treatment shall be carried out first, then reverse osmosis shall be carried out after lowering the hardness;

11. Solid particles: Solid particles are extremely harmful to reverse osmosis membrane and must be pretreated;

12. Microbes: Microbes and bacteria in water are harmful to the membrane and must be pretreated (the company adopts ultrafiltration membrane for treatment, which is at an advanced level in China);

13. Oxides: Metal oxides cannot be removed by themselves when entering reverse osmosis. Chemical drugs should be removed regularly.

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