Boxing enthusiasts will be obsessed with training. The most commonly used tool is Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment . In addition to professional boxing, there are other ways to practice boxing. The following are other common methods:

1. Air strike: Air strike is a unique training method for confrontational sports. It is a means of warming up before high-intensity exercise. Air strikes, as the name suggests, can be carried out by one person, punching into the air.

How to get punching bag for boxing

2. Pear Ball: It is shaped like a pear, hence the name pear ball. You can kick or punch. If you have more flexibility, you can practice the reaction. It is best to use whip leg plus straight fist plus some combined play. Generally, martial arts and boxing training grounds use this more.

3. Suspended: fixed above and suspended in the air. Training beat rhythm, upper arm muscle coordination.

4. Floor-standing: connected by spring rod, the lower part is fixed to the ground. Training beat rhythm, footwork exercises, upper arm and leg muscle exercises and coordination exercises.

5. Punching bag: Punching bag is an indispensable practice method for practicing combat and combat.

6. Rope skipping: Rope skipping is an item that should be practiced in almost all combat projects. Overall force.

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