Blizzard has released the 10.0 expansion pack World of Warcraft: Dragonflight on the global live broadcast. The new expansion pack has new races and new occupations, as well as the return of the classic talent tree and a lot of new changes and content. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction:

New Playable Race and Class: Dracthyr Evoker

The 10.0 expansion added a new race and class called the Dracthyr Evoker. When choosing Dracthyr, it is equivalent to choosing the profession of Evoker at the same time.

Choose a camp, start from the novice area!
Although the cross-faction has been opened after 9.2.5, after choosing the Dractyr Evoker, if players want to take an adventure in Azeroth, they still need to choose either side of the Horde or the Alliance. The Dracthyr Evoker will have a brand new beginner's area, which will take players deep into the story of Dracthyr and learn how to use new skills.
Specializations and Unique Skills
Dracthyr Evoker can choose from two specializations, one for DPS and one for healing:
Devastation Specialization: A law-type damage class that attacks from mid-range with claws and fiery breath attacks.
Preservation Specialization: Healing class, use rejuvenated magic to protect allies.
Dracthyr Evoker also has a charge skill that can manipulate magic to strengthen dragon skills. In the official video, it is also introduced that you can take a deep breath like Onyxia and then strafing.

New feature: Become a Dragonrider

The new expansion brings a new way of flying and moving: Dragon Mastery. There are four new Dragons of the Dragons, a unique customizable mount, available in each area of ​​the new Dragons. There are millions of combinations, making almost every dragon unique.

Players can use the new riding ability to ride the wind on the back of a young dragon. As you improve your skills, both you and the dragon will master new moves. Fight fatigue, escape gravity and soar above The Dragon Isles.
After reaching full level, you can pursue ancient glyphs, advance the brand-new Dragon Mastering skill tree, and keep your Dragon Mastering skills even better. And tackle challenges throughout The Dragon Isles to unlock even more customization options for your baby dragon.

A New Continent: The Dragon Isles

The Dragon Isles is the home of all Dragonflight on Azeroth for generations. When the world was torn apart in the Great Sundering, the magic was drained, and the land fell into a deep sleep. Now, The Dragon Isles awakes from its slumber, and its feuds and dormant enemies rise with it.

The Waking Shores

Ohn'ahran Plains

The Azure Span


Forbidden Reach

Brand new talent system

The talent tree system is officially back! Players earn talent points after each level up, which can be spent in two unique talent trees. The class talent tree contains the functional skills of the class, and the specialization talent tree will enhance your output or healing ability.
Players can name and save the talents they build in the new talent interface, without worrying about having to click again next time.

Professions and Crafting

In the new expansion, professional skills have been reworked and developed, and players can unlock specializations for professional skills, such as forged armor specialization.
An order system has been added to the game. Players can issue orders, let others complete the manufacture of equipment and items for themselves, and can release them in AH or assign them to someone.
New materials and manufactured items have added quality attributes. Different quality materials, manufactured items and equipment will have different attributes. The higher the quality, the stronger the attributes. Classic TBC Gold Buy now.

Brand new interface

World of Warcraft finally has a complete reset of the UI interface. In the new expansion, players can use the new edit mode function and move, adjust and customize interface elements with unprecedented freedom, while retaining the familiar look and feel. Classic TBC Buy Gold here.

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