Cosmetic Airless Bottles    is a high-end packaging composed of outer cover, pump set, bottle body, large piston in the bottle and bottom bracket.


  1. Design principle of Airlessbottle (basic law): The design principle of Airlessbottle is based on atmospheric pressure, and it is very dependent on the pump output of the pump set. The pump set must have excellent one-way sealing performance to block the return of air to the bottle, causing Low pressure state. When the pressure difference between the low-pressure area and the atmospheric pressure in the bottle is greater than the friction between the piston and the inner wall of the bottle, the atmospheric pressure will push the large piston in the bottle to move. Therefore, the big piston can not fit too tightly with the inner wall of the bottle, otherwise the big piston will not be able to advance due to excessive friction; on the contrary, if the big piston and the inner wall of the bottle are too loose and easy to leak, the Airless bottle The professional requirements are very high.



  1. Airlessbottle product characteristics: The Airless bottle also provides precise (precise) dosage control. When the diameter, stroke, and elasticity of the pump set are set, regardless of the shape of the matching button, each dosage is accurate and quantitative. . Moreover, the displacement of the press can be adjusted by changing the parts of the pump set, with an accuracy of up to 0.05 ml, depending on the needs of the product.



  1. Once the Airlessbottle is filled, from the production plant to the end of the consumer's hand, almost no air and water can enter the container, which effectively prevents the contents from being infected during the use and extends the effective use of the product period. Lotion pump lotion is a liquid cream skin care product, because it looks pure white like milk, so it is called lotion. The lotion has a good emollient effect and also has a moisturizing effect. It is especially suitable for dry spring and autumn seasons. If the skin is neutral, it can also be used in winter. Lipstick Tube Lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipsticks include lipstick, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc., which can make the lips red and shiny, moisturize and protect the lips, increase facial beauty and correct the contours of the lips. It is a product that has a supporting effect and is one of the common cosmetics for women. , Can show women's sexy and charming. In conjunction with the current trend of environmental protection and avoiding the call for the addition of preservatives and antibacterial agents, Airless packaging is more important for extending the shelf life of products and protecting the rights and interests of informants.


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